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Improving Dogs Behaviour When Baby Comes Using These 6 Pointers!

Having a baby can be the most exciting and emotional period of a person’s life. It also becomes a bit of an issue if you’re a pet-parent as well. Dog owners tend to be worried about how the dog is going to react when the baby does arrive. Will their dog be friendly? Scared? Aggressive? How will their dog act when the baby is crying, or when the baby starts crawling or walking?

Here we have 5 tips for you to get your dog comfortable with the idea of not being the center of attention all the time once the new member of family arrives: 

  1. Basic Obedience and Manners: 

Getting your dogs used to following instructions and understanding basic commands and gestures could really help when they’re having to adjust to the new change. Make sure that your dog responds to these basic commands and make sure he follows them even with distractions in place. 

This is the perfect time to practice on changing those things that dogs do which annoy us the most. Train them to stay calm when a new person comes, refine their mannerisms like jumping, barking, stealing clothing or personal belongings. 

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  1. Introduce Them To The Baby Stuff: 

Your dog is going to have to adjust to a lot of new things once the baby arrives. It would be best for you and your dogs if you get them used to the babies stuff and room beforehand. Decide in advance whether or not they’re allowed in the room, introduce them to the baby’s toys. 

  1. Practicing With A Fake Baby Wouldn’t Be Too Bad: 

It is important to make your dog get accustomed to the presence of a baby. Get them used to basic commands while you’re carrying the baby doll. 

You could also go to the playground and see for yourself how your dog reacts around kids and toddlers. Notice their behaviour and if it’s too excited or nervous then you might want to consult your trainer. 

  1. Time To Reduce The Attention: 

It’ll be harder to give the same amount of attention to your dog as before once the baby arrives. This sudden change could get really frustrating for them, also more so if it’s caused by the new member of the family. This could result in the dog creating a negative association with the baby. It has to be a gradual process. You can start by getting a dog walker instead of taking them by yourself. 

  1. Get Yourself A Dog Trainer: 

Getting a trainer might help you and your dog in case they’re showing signs of fear, aggression or excitability. They could refine their abilities as well as teach them new ones. Trainers are taught to be positive reformers and it would be really good to hire one for good measure. 

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  1. Getting The Dog Used To The Scent: 

Bring an item that contains your baby’s scent, such as a burp cloth, from the hospital before bringing home the baby. It is important to set some boundaries while doing this. Let the dog sniff from a distance, while you are holding the item. By doing so, you are communicating to your dog that the item is yours and then giving permission for the dog to sniff. This process helps in creating respect for the baby in the dog’s mind.  

The Dapper Dogge team hopes that your new babies are healthy and your dogs can form a loving and happy relationship with them. 

Also, we hope all of you are staying inside and keeping yourself, your dogs and everyone else safe!

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