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Grooming Your Dogs At Home The Right Way!

Due to the prevailing lockdowns and quarantine requirements around the world, it is hard for Pet-Parents to take their dogs for regular check-ups or to their grooming salons. Here we have the reasons why you should groom your dogs yourself as well as how you can do it! 

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Why Groom Your Dog At Home?

During this time, your dog is probably the happiest they’ve ever been. You’re spending a lot of time with them. Regularly grooming your dog at home will keep them smelling great, their fur plush and soft and keeping the shedding at a minimum. We recommend you to keep performing basic grooming activities between now and grooming appointments after the pandemic passes. 

Combing and Brushing: 

The main thing you should be worried about is preventing mats, reducing the shedding and keeping their fur soft when it comes to regular brushing and combing. There are different kinds of brush that you can use depending on your dog’s fur type and skin. 

  1. Slicker Brush: This brush is used for detangling curly-coated, straight coated or long haired dogs. All you need to keep in mind is to apply enough pressure to get through their coat but not too much pressure so that it doesn’t scratch their skin. 
  2. Greyhound Comb: This style of brush gets to the undercoat and ought to be utilized after you use a slicker brush to get under the topcoat. Point the brush marginally, get it down to the root, and sift through. In the event that you can’t traverse with the brush, you have to utilize the slicker brush more. 
  3. Shedding Brush: This brush is used on dogs that shed a lot after you’ve used the slicker brush and the comb cannot get through without fur getting stuck. We recommend you to use the shedding brush on short dogs very lightly. 
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Grooming Practices You Must Not Try At Home

Safety is of the utmost importance. There are some specific grooming techniques and things that should only be left to the professionals or if you’re willing to try them, you must be very careful. 

  1. Trimming: Even though your dog may look a bit shaggy, trimming them yourself is not a good idea. Here are several reasons why that can be a bad idea:- 
  • Mostly, people do not have the right tools. Dog scissors are not the same as beard scissors. Only a professional will have the right clippers with different attachments necessary for particular spots. 
  • We do not have the required experience. Most professional dog groomers do not get certified before they have groomed over 100 dogs. 
  • Your dog will most likely get hurt if you try to trim them at home. It requires a lot of technical skill and groomers have to be extremely careful not to cut dog’s tuck ups, pads, ears, or necks. 
  1. Nail Clipping: There are a number of people who can safely trim their dog’s nails themselves. For a newbie, it is harder than it looks. It is very easy to trim the nail too much, cutting the embedded vein (the quick) causing a lot of bleeding. You can always wait till you are able to go to a professional but you really want to do it, here are a few tips on how you can manage that without hurting anyone:- 
  • There is no specific clipper that will help you avoid the quick vein. It’s all about finding the perfect spot to cut. Wait till you can get to a professional. 
  • Do not use a “guillotine style” nail clipper as they only have an edge on one side, which just pushes the nail. Use dog nail clippers that have two edges and cut the nail from both sides.
  • If you cut them too short, a pinch of corn starch held onto the bleeding nail will help it coagulate and stop. Professional groomers use something called “quick stop” (styptic powder) but most people don’t have that on hand at home.
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Keep Your Calm and Be Gentle

Trying to groom your dog at home will most probably not go as smoothly as you might have imagined. GG Pet’s Salon owner, Gavin Hardy says that, “Go slow. If your pet is not used to regular grooming/brushing/bathing they might be wary of what you are doing. Be gentle, speak softly, and reinforce good behavior with treats. ALWAYS treat your pet with love and care and respect when home grooming. This makes them enjoy the process and makes them well behaved when coming in for professional services.”

For more interesting tips and tricks about dogs, and how to keep them healthy and handsome, keep reading Dogge Discussion! 

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