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Dog Waste Management And What To Do About Dog Poop!

Dog Waste Management is something that is not taken care of or given importance to as much as we’d like it to be. The Dapper Dogge team has an immense love for dogs and what they mean to us. But the environment and keeping everyone safe is also something which we feel responsible for as a respectful business company. 

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For those who do not pick up after their dogs or other pets for that matter, it is annoying for neighbours but more importantly it can lead to something far more serious than just that. Not many people know this but dog poop is one of the contributors to water pollution. Even if your dog isn’t doing his business where it could roll or be washed into a body of water, the waste can still leach into the groundwater supply. Dog poop additionally consists of microorganisms and parasites, which live in the dirt long after the waste itself breaks down. Whenever you don’t pick up behind your dog, let’s say in the dog park, always remember that the poop can contaminate the soil eventually making it an unsafe area for kids to play.

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The telling question is, “What to do about Dog Waste Management and after picking it up?”. All the poop that you pick up ends up in a garbage dump in bags which stay there forever. One good way will be to start using biodegradable bags which break down the waste and help it to decompose properly. Buy them in bulk and also encourage your neighbours to do the same. Also request your dog park officials to supply these biodegradable bags at the park itself. 

Another good option would be to use this new product out in the market. An in-ground pet waste digester! The digester works kind of like a septic system. It uses live organisms which break the waste down into a safe, ground absorbable liquid. The digester comes with a foot lever as well, so you would not have to stoop down after you scoop! 

There are around 60% of pet-parents who do not pick up after their dogs! We know that Dogge Discussion readers are NOT one of them! If you’re one of those people, there are actually professionals who will do this deed for you. The pet waste removal has now been turned into a business and the industry has really grown over the last 20 years! There is even an association. It’s called the Association of Professional Animal Waste Specialists. They have more than 100 members who strictly follow the code of conduct to promote and create awareness about Dog Waste Management .

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We hope that over time, cities will start to implement a plan to turn pet waste into energy methane. Up to that point, we’re left with barely any attractive options but it is always better to choose the lesser environment evil. Pick up the dog crap and dispose of it responsibly. Make it your obligation to protect the planet for people of the future generations and also our four-legged friends! 

Dog Waste Management is an important issue. Every member of the Dapper Dogge team tries to make people around them aware about the importance of Dog Waste Management everyday of their lives. We hope all of  you do the same! 

Let’s try to make this world a better place for all our friends, family and our dogs! Keep the environment clean, safe and maintain proper hygiene. Especially in these trying times for all of us!

Also, love your dogs with all your heart!

Keep reading the Dogge Discussion for more interesting tips and facts about our beloved dogs! 

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