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5 Perfect Ideas for your Dog’s Birthday!

Dog’s birthday parties are the best!

There are a lot of ways in which you can reciprocate the love that dogs give us. Good scritches, long walks and treats are a few just a few of them. Another way you can show your love for your dog is to throw them a party! 

It doesn’t matter whether it’s their birthday or their adoption anniversary, you can shower love over them by throwing them that party with their favourite treats and activities! 

Here we have 5 pawfect ideas for your dog’s birthday party and how to make it a memorable one! 

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  1. Setting The Scene! 

To be honest, you’re always going to want to capture these precious memories with your buddy. If you’re going to host a party, you’d better go about it the correct manner. First, get them dressed up. You can always buy the best outfits and clothes for your dogs on Dapper Dogge.

Next up, get them posing for pictures. Hold up a treat right beside the camera lens to get their attention! Don’t stop with the decor, make a playlist of your dog’s favorite songs (Who Let the Dogs Out, anyone?) or just music that is appropriate for a festive gathering. Also, don’t forget to invite your dog’s favourite hoomans(other than you ofcourse!) and fremds! 

  1. Don’t Forget To Invite Other Pet-Parents and Their Dogs! 

Don’t just welcome your loved ones to praise your canine. Welcome your puppy’s pals, as well! Like any great gathering host, you should give a goodie pack to all the celebrating canines. We love the FlossyTossy rope in light of the fact that it cleans a canine’s teeth while they play. Ideally, this will prompt less outings to the doggy dental specialist for their humans.

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Another approach to thank visitors for coming is by giving the dogs a few treats to remember the good times. Get a pack of single-ingredient turkey treats and split them into little sacks to give them as a return gift! Your doggy friends will love munching on some after a walk or their early afternoon rest. Your little dog buddies will be so happy after spending such a wonderful time at your dog’s birthday party! 

  1. The Menu 

For the people coming to your dog’s birthday party, consider a neighborhood pastry shop and order some paw-print cookies. Try not to serve an organic product platter with grapes or offer chocolate treats because of the fact that the doggos may get envious or jealous. Get some cheddar cheese cubes and cured meat in light of the fact that no dogs will be hurt on the off chance that they incidentally eat a chunk or two that has fallen on the ground. 

After you’ve arranged a menu for the human visitors, it’s a great opportunity to consider the dogs. There are a lot of dog cake recipes available in stores or online that you can make at home. Your puppers and their little dog buddies will cherish chomping down a cake only for them! 

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  1. The Perfect Gift: 

What is the one thing that every dog loves doing and probably does the most each day? Sleeping! We believe that a brand new, cozy bed for your doggo would be a brilliant gift idea! In addition to that, you could buy them one of Dapper Dogge’s brilliant and comfortable clothes such as the Satin Night Suit or the Terrycloth Robe

Also, any product you buy from Dapper Dogge, we donate religiously to various NGO’s and Animal Welfare Organisations from around the world.

  1. After Party:

We know dogs are food motivated, so cater to one of their primal needs with new treats. Since your dog will indulge in a special birthday cake at your party, you can save this gift for a few days or weeks ahead to continuously remind your dog how much you adore him. Purchase a bag of these Bully Bubbles. Like the turkey treats you bought for a giveaway, these Bully Bubbles feed 7 shelter dogs. This gift for your dog is a gift for others, too. If your dog isn’t a fan of Bully treats, they may prefer one of these long-lasting Mini Golden Yak Chews. And you guessed it, this purchase feeds 7 shelter dogs, as well. Either way, keep the celebration going with new treats for weeks to come.  

Follow these 5 brilliant ideas for your dog’s birthday and have a wonderful time with your dogs! 

Dogge Discussion and Dapper Dogge hope that all of our Pet-Parents and their dogs are safe during these testing times for us. Abide by the government rules and stay safe! 

For more cool information about dogs and interesting tips and tricks, keep reading the Dogge Discussion! 

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