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Dapper Dogge is a design-led pet apparel company rooted in haute couture fashion culture.

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About Us

Dapper Dogge was founded and built on the belief that dogs give us everything that we aspire and expect from each other. We’ve created a brand that gives you an opportunity to reciprocate those feelings of love, care and trust.

We also believe that our pets need to look as fashionable and sexy as we do. We’ve created and strive to create the best products and accessories for you to make your dog look fabulous.

At Dapper Dogge, since all our products are made in-house, we try to create an environment where you can feel safe and assured about the quality, consistency and durability of the products which you choose to buy. The people working at Dapper Dogge are also strongly against any kind of cruelty or misbehaviour directed towards dogs. We have partnered with NGO organisations for their care and betterment. 

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Our Story

The founders of Dapper Dogge, Brooke Carver and Abigail Harington , share the same belief that dogs deserve every ounce of love, care and respect from us. The founders first met through their mutual interest of working with dog shelters and NGO’s.

Est. 2019        2 Designers       Worldwide Delivery

The idea for the creation of Dapper Dogge came through our experiences of helping strays while working for the animal shelters or doing our own bit in our neighbourhoods. Combined with our creative minds and endless love for dogs we decided to invest our time and resources in supplying accessories and creating clothing apparel for dogs.

Being dog owners ourselves, we want people to share the same love and compassion which we have for dogs all over the world. Through Dapper Dogge, we aim to reverberate our thoughts and feelings to all dog owners to create a better present and future for our four-legged friends. Through our products we wish to imbibe a sense of style and pride in all dogs and dog owners.


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Brooke Carver is one of the co-founders of Dapper Dogge. She is a fashion designer graduated from Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand. With an everlasting love for dogs and fashion, Brooke decided to use her skills and creativity to provide people with an opportunity to care and help dogs all around the world. Dapper Dogge turned out to be a perfect platform for her to make a difference.

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The products and accessories that we sell are all made in-house. We use best quality raw materials to make our products to keep your doggos as comfortable they can be while wearing any apparel. Due to the quality of our cotton and synthetic materials we are able to create products and accessories with great durability as well as give you assurance of whatever you’re buying is safe for your dog to use or wear. No animals are harmed and no damage is caused to the environment in the creation process of our products. 


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Abigail Harington  is the other co-founder of Dapper Dogge. With a Masters in Business Administration degree from the University of Otago Business School in Auckland, Abigail is a headstrong and thrill seeking person. With an ever growing passion for dogs and a dream to own and run her own business, Dapper Dogge was born.

We thank you for choosing Dapper Dogge and joining us in our initiative to make the world a better place for our best friends.




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